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ph level.jpg4 Things to Know About Testing Your pH Levels

When it comes to the matter of overall health, the blood pH level stands first in the row. It is said so because the cells do not function in a proper way when the pH level of blood is acidic in nature. Due to the decrease in the pH of the body fluids (such as blood, saliva, and urine), acidosis takes place. Many diseases may take place due to an acidic pH in the body....











Spinach.jpg 4 Ways Spinach Helps Manage Your Acidity

The leafy green vegetables may be full of necessary vitamins and minerals but the fact that they provide us with dietary fibres is commendable. These vegetables help in enhancing digestion and treating acidity problem in your stomach. .......














munnka Constipation.jpg5 Reasons to Eat Munaqqa to Control Constipation

Being faced with Constipation problem is the everyday story these days. Reasons for this problem are more likely the inefficient diet or lack of fibre in your food. Recurring constipation can be a big obstruction in your normal life for which a healthy treatment or a simple home remedy is introducing Munaqqa in your diet. ......














Flatulence.jpg5 Simple Tips to Reduce Flatulence

Whether being alone or sitting among the crowd, farting or flatulence can cause embarrassment. This affects the life of a person in many terms such as personal, social and work life. Farting may happen due to gas formation, intolerance to lactose, smoking and so forth....














19 Foods that Cause Heartburn.jpg19 Foods that Cause Heartburn

Have you ever felt a heaviness in your chest? Does the sour taste after a late dinner has made its presence? Have you experienced stomach bloating? If your mind is answering YES to all of them, then it is a sign that you are suffering from heartburn and acid reflux..














Acidic Foods to Avoid to Control Acidity.jpgAcidic Foods to Avoid to Control Acidity

In todays era, the common problem that has taken place in almost every person is acidity. This condition is elevated by the consumption of various foods. The main reason behind the cause of this health disorder is the kind of lifestyle one lives. The mismanagement in the lifestyle can aggravate this health condition. Below, there is a list given of acidic foods that may cause acidity...












Acidity and Related Health Disorders.jpgAcidity and Related Health Disorders

When the contents of gastric acid elevate at quick in the stomach, acidity occurs. The main reason behind this condition is the consumption of junk food in excess, inactive lifestyle, or insufficient sleep. For the management of your health, consult the top Dietician Sheela Seharawat of Diet Clinic. She will guide you on how you should balance your diet plan and improve your lifestyle...












Acidity.jpg13 Amazing Home Remedies for Acidity

Knowing about the imbalances of digestive acids in your stomach and not taking the charge of treating it can lead to the persistency of problems like heartburns and acidity.
In order to get a quick relief from recurring acidity problems, you need to go easy with these mesmerizing home remedies














Best Drinks and Foods to Fight Acid Reflux.jpg13 Best Drinks and Foods to Fight Acid Reflux

Is chest pain or nausea bothering you? Do you feel a bitter taste in the mouth or have a sore throat? If yes, then it is obvious that you are suffering from acid reflux...














Diabetes and Weight.jpgDiabetes and Weight Loss: Things You Must Know

The reasons you often get advised about the weight control during diabetes are type 2 diabetes and obesity. And if you are suffering from overweight problems, there are chances that you may get to suffer from the risk of heart ailments, high blood pressure and cancer. In

order to live a healthy life, focus on the advice below...













Ulcers.jpgDoes Acidity Cause Ulcers?

The bacteria named as Helicobacter pylori (H. pylori) is responsible for causing ulcers. There are some substances which are produced by this bacteria, weakens the mucous lining that leads to causing a burning sensation in the stomach. This is known by only a few that chronic acidity is a major cause for ulcers. More information can be gathered from Dietician Sheela Seharawat at Diet Clinic...













heart burn.jpgDon’t Let Your Heart Burn

Whenever you feel a burning sensation in the stomach, spreading to your throat, what you all blame is the food you have eaten. Heartburn is a condition that may occur in any person, irrespective of their age. It is not necessarily limited to old age people only; youngsters too get affected by it...













Stomach Acid.jpgFactors Contributing to Excess Stomach Acid

If you are experiencing excess stomach acid, then you are in a fix. Various health disorders may take place if not treated in time. By this article, you will have a knowledge in this regard more clearly. ..














Get Relief from Acidity.jpgGet Relief from Acidity

Is acidity bothering you? Get in touch with the top Dietician Sheela Seharawat and know easy home remedies to get relief from acidity in an easy and natural way. The suggested home remedies will be easy to initiate and effective. This will save you from being on several medications.













Good & Worst Fruits for Diabetics.jpgGood & Worst Fruits for Diabetics

When your pancreas stops secreting insulin and becomes cell-resistant to insulin, then you suffering from this chronic disease of Diabetes. Also, if the blood sugar is not able to reach the cells, you may suffer from serious complications. Treating it with varied fruits is not so easy, so If you want to know about the ones which really work in favour of you, then consider the below given...













Heartburn – Say No to Oily Foods.jpgHeartburn – Say No to Oily Foods

A little oil is good for health but when it comes to fried stuff, one should completely avoid oil foods if they don’t want to be in the condition of heartburn. Other foods that should be eliminated from the diet plan are high-fat milkshakes, cheese on the bread, fried rice, and biryanis. These foods take a longer period to get digest and remain in the stomach for long resulting in causing heartburn. 













Heartburn Vs Acidity.jpgHeartburn Vs Acidity

Various factors are responsible for causing heartburn such as overeating, eating certain foods and beverages, and even exercise. Heartburn gives a sense of burning inside the system. This article will help you understand more clearly about this problem of Heartburn..














Home Remedies for Heartburn.jpgHome Remedies for Heartburn

The most common and indeed the most unpleasant situation we face every day due to acidity is Heartburn. Due to its triggering back the stomach acid to the oesophagus, you feel an unusual burn in your heart. It can even burn you up to the neck. Have a look at these 10 tactics of relieving heartburn:..













Importance of Diet for Acid-Alkaline Balance.jpgImportance of Diet for Acid-Alkali Balance

A Diet is one of the major components that influence the acid-alkali balance apart from exercise, stress levels and other aspects of lifestyle. For the best diet plan, be in touch with the best Dietician Sheela Seharawat at Diet Clinic. She will help you know about foods inclusion and exclusion in your diet more clearly.















Chronic Cough.jpgIs Acidity The Main Reason For Your Chronic Cough?

Acidity takes place when acid presents in the stomach go upward in the food pipe. This further causes irritation leading to heartburn. Through this article, you will get an insight into the connection between an acidity and chronic cough. ...













LCHF Diet.jpgLCHF Diet

LCHF Diet or Low Carb High Fat diet is a very common thing among all the diabetes patients, because of its ability to reverse diabetes. The increased blood glucose and sugar levels are the results of the high amount of carbohydrates, which needs to be stabilised by the LCHF Diet.













tablets medicine.jpgLifestyle Changes Can Wean Off Metformin Dosage

For keeping a control on diabetes, there is a medication named as Metformin that can be used along with other diabetes medications, a proper diet program and exercise regimen. Not just diabetes, it also helps in the treatment of high blood sugar that usually takes place due to type 2 diabetes. This medication also helps in restoring the body’s response to the insulin that occurs naturally. The level of sugar that gets produces in the liver and further absorbed by the stomach or intestines also gets decreased...












pH Factor – The Key to Good Health.jpgpH Factor – The Key to Good Health

For maintaining a good health, it is very crucial to maintain a balance of acid and alkaline states in the body. One can suspect the acidity and alkalinity of the body by considering the pH factor. In the body chemistry, acid-alkaline plays a very important role in suspecting the diseases. Distilled water refers as neutral. According to the researches, it is observed that normal pH value is 7.0. If the level of pH goes below 7.0, then you are suffering from acidity and if pH value goes above 7.0. it is indicating alkalinity













Restoring pH Levels.jpgRestoring pH Levels

Acidity takes place when acid presents in the stomach go upward in the food pipe. This further causes irritation leading to heartburn. Through this article, you will get an insight into the connection between an acidity and chronic cough. ...














8 Delicious Diabetic-Friendly Superfoods.jpg8 Delicious Diabetic-Friendly Superfoods

The food which have high sugar content are the enemies of diabetic patient.”- This statement is not fully true or applicable in the case. You get to witness diabetic-friendly foods everyday but this is not sufficient. So, here's the list of eight superfoods for diabetic which needs to be included in your everyday diet.














Silent Reflux or.jpgSilent Reflux or LPR: Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

What is Silent Reflux?
When the acid in the stomach causes throat discomfort, then you are suffering from a condition called Silent reflux. This is also known as Laryngopharyngeal reflux (LPR). 















Top 5 Signs That Indicate Acidity.jpgTop 5 Signs That Indicate Acidity

It is not at all easy to bear the brutally mundane signals of acidity you suffer frequently. The reason for the acid reflux is due to the situation you face when the gastric glands of your stomach initiate extra acid than what it produces usually. The reasons for the recurring acidity in your body can be below listed.














Weight Loss After.jpgWeight Loss After 40

Due to the influence of internal organs with each, it is common that the women suffer find difficulty in weight loss after the age of 40. Overeating or not exercising daily is not at all the reason for this but hormone imbalances have a huge influence on your weight maintenance goals. ...














What Is Acidosis.jpgWhat Is Acidosis?

When the level of acid in the body gets increased, this condition is known to be as Acidosis. In this condition, one may experience the pH values of saliva going down to 6.0 and below. A litmus paper can be put into use for testing the same...









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