Succes Stories

" I am happier and I have a lot more self-confidence when I am very active and eating clean." Thanks Diet Clinic, Gurgaon.
Kaylie knew that if she wanted to lose weight and keep it off, she needed to make a permanent change. After 2+ years of blogging on, she's not only lost 25 KG, but she's kept it off, picked up a slew of healthy new eating habits and become a Healthy person.

"Even when I messed up, I didn't give up!"
When Anna, started college in September, she was looking to improve her health and meet her goal weight. Three months and 12 KG later, she met her goal... and she's not stopping yet! Find out how she did it, and why her family is saying, "Wow!"

"I had a responsibility to keep pushing and lose the weight, not just for myself, but for my motivators at Diet Clinic, who were supporting me." Tired of trying every different method of weight loss and seeing limited success, it was the accountability of the Diet Clinic and Dietician Sheela Seharawat, blogs and on Facebook motivated me and that finally let me to say, "I won't fail!"... and drop 37 Kg, in six months

Pummy "I'm through with being passive and have decided to take control of my life and health. I have achieved the right mindset that doesn't allow me to give up if I am not immediately gratified by the scale."
I rediscovered a love for veggies, became a dietician Sheela fan, and used her blogs and fitness tips help in getting in the right mindset to lose the weight.

"My close family was surprised by how much I'd lost. People say to me 'You look so good,' and kids tend to say 'You look so different!'"
I checked in with Dietician Sheela Diet Clinic before my wedding, she was make me down nearly 5 Kg in a month, only with Diets and enjoying my weeding days. Now I'm reconnecting, JOIN DIET CLINIC, my friend Shikha who has shed a total of 16 Kg and even loosing more.

"I can walk faster, climb stairs, run a little and wear cute clothes again!"
Stay-at-home , I slammed the brakes on ballooning weight by turning to the weight loss experts Dietician Sheela Seharawat at Diet Clinic and inspirational bloggers here at Facebook “Dietician Sheela Suhag Seharawat “. The posting helped me motivated and join Diet Clinic and I drop 15 Kg and reach a healthy weight!

"I am so glad that I found Diet Clinic. The method are so useful and keep me accountable, and the philosophy of exercising more and eating healthier, smaller portions, really resonates with me."
a student struggling with her weighti Joined Diet Clinic. DC helped me with my goal-setting, Dietcin Sheela show me the road to weight loss - dropping 12 Kgso far!

“ Diet Clinic motivates me and keeps me in check. It makes me want to succeed even more."
Within 2 months of becoming an active member of Diet Clinic , I had lost 9 Kg (halfway to her first weight loss goal!)… and gained the energy to play with her 3 active kids!

"NOBODY pushes me towards success better than Diet Clinic !"
When i last checked in, i had already lost 6 Kg. With the help of Diet.Clinic popular Weight Loss Challenges, I now down a total of 13 Kg… and even gets recognized as "that Diet CLinic slimming sensation" when I am out in public!

"I owe it all to Diet Clinic- it changed my lifestyle."
Having her thyroid removed couldn't stop me from dropping 18 Kg and reaching my goal weight in time. Its was slow but I got this with the help of Dietcin Sheela Seharawat.

Tanu Singh
When I joined the diet clinic,i was grossly overweight with severe back and knee pain. Before coming here,i had been very sceptical of the whole idea of dieting to lose weight but exercise alone hadn't helped so far. I had lost and quickly regained  all the extra kilos twice at renowned weight loss centers with all the works - machines, diet monitoring and exercise. So basically nothing worked.
Once I joined Diet clinic I started losing weight gradually and lost a total of 22kgs over a period of 9 months. My back is better and knee pain is gone.The best part was I never felt starved and it is not monotonous. The suggested diet is something I could easily manage at home. What sets this place apart is the friendly, encouraging attitude of the dieticians here. I had highs and lows but never was I discouraged.The whole approach is extremely friendly and positive. Lastly, its not like once you join here, you are just forbidden that yummy gol guppa or your birthday cake! They teach you how to balance out which helps in maintenance later. I would just like to thank you everyone at the Diet clinic for the new me!
- Tanu singh has been under Sheela's guidance for 9 months now and has lost 32Kg.

Mahesh Chandra

I always thought, dieting is for women and there is not much Men can do about it. I was just browsing for Marathon tips and came across Diet Clinic. I then saw their service list, which included weight loss and Therapeutic diets also. So I thought I shall take up their weight loss expertees as I am a Fitness freak and I love workouts. Initially I could not follow their diet religiously as my domain is Sales and Marketing. Constant travelling and eating out, I gave very less importance for what I ate. But their constant follow up and the necessary changes to suite my lifestyle made me become more serious about choosing food. It was like, they were more concerned about my food and Health than I was. So I gave a serious effort and followed most of the diet prescribed. It was then I felt the difference. I could see that my stamina was getting better, didnt face fatigue or boredom after my office or workouts. What I also like about Diet Clinic is that they dont promise things that you cant acheive. Their realistic approach and convenience is another plus point. So far, Great interaction and they are not very heavy on your pockets. I would say Go for it.....
- Mahesh Chandra has been under Sheela's guidance for 12 months now and has lost 19Kg.

Gaurav Sawhney

"Every January people make New Year's Resolutions that they end up breaking. It was with that in mind that I spent 10 months (a lil too much) trying to figure out what I wanted to do. Around that long thinking (postponing I would say) period one of my friends landed to my party, looking all toned up and also not to my surprise catching the attention of my family and other friends. Then came the slogans "If he can do it, so can you", however it was until that I had met Sheela that I finally convinced myself to take it seriously.
I set a goal for myself to drop 50 pounds by my birthday. The advice I'll give isn't likely to be all that different that what you might read elsewhere, but the combination and Sheela's guidance is what worked well for me. She was very patient and often when I would miss my appointment; call me to find out if all was well on track. Kudos to her dedication I would say. Hopefully it'll motivate a few more people to do the same (which aleady is working, I must tell you). I learned a lot about my habits and behavior in the process and suspect that much of it applies to most people who are struggling with extra pounds."
- Gaurav Sawhney has been under Sheela's guidance for 8 months now and has lost 32Kg.

Pradeep kothari

I heard about loss program from friend. Before Joining Diet Clinic I had tried so many times to lose fats, but given up after repeated failures. Then I joined After studying my lifestyle, Dietician Sheela Seharawat advised me small life style changes, mainly in my eating style.  I was given a customized Diet schedule, in which I had sufficient amount of food to eat, with all my likings. In first month itself losses4 Kg. I was amazed by Dietician Sheela’s new researched weight loss program and today I tell all my friends to subscribe to weight loss program. I don't eat less nor I go hungry and still I have lost 30 Kg and maintaining my ideal weight since last 3 years. Best of Luck; Pradeep kothari
- Pradeep Kothari has been under Sheela's guidance for 8 months now and has lost 22 Kg

Parampreet Ahluwalia

DIET CLINIC gIfted me the whole new world,now i can live with more confidence&s style.Earlier i was 77 kilos but with my Dietician instructions & help & by eating lots n lots, i reduced 17-18 kilos.Forme its a DREAM COME TRUE.
- Parampreet  has been under Sheela's guidance for 5 months now and has lost 18Kg.

Sangeeta Bahal

I am 55 yrs old. I always thought being a Vegetarian I will never have Cholesterol problem, but 4 months ago I had to undergo angioplasty due to a blockage in my heart. My Doctor adviced me to lower the Cholesterol and also some weight. My Son who is a software Engineer in a MNC recommended Diet Clinic for weight loss program to me. He said, It is very convenient because the consultation can happen on phone and all my diets will come  by email or I can take on calls. I liked their service because the food they suggested was easily available and we could make at home. Gradually I have brought my Cholesterol level to normal now and also have lost 15 kgs. The Dietician Sheela is very soft spoken and every time I called them I always learnt something or the other about the food. I have so far recommended this to many of my friends and they are also happy with the service. Hearty Thanks from me and my family and I wish Diet Clinic will continue to do the Good Job you are doing
- Sangeeta Bahal has been under Sheela's guidance for 9 months now and has lost 18Kg.

Meeta Jain

Diet Clinic Taught Me The True Meaning Of Dieting With Its Logo "NO Starvation,No Monotonous Diets,No Medicine,No Strenuous Exercise"
Where People Keep Themselves Hungry To Loose Weight There Diet Clinic Help In Reducing Weight By Keeping Your Tummy Full
- Meeta Jain has been under Sheela's guidance for 6 months now and has lost 18Kg.


I bent down to tie my shoes and was out of breath.And that got me think about my father's family history of heart problems and how some had heart attacks and died around 50.I was 31 at the time and my wife and I were trying to get pregnant. I knew if I didn't change my ways I would not see my kids graduate high school.Then I started to surf for good dieticians in and around delhi to help me to prove my nightmare wrong.After switching to lot many dieticians i worked with Sheela. Just One Month and i lost 7 kgs without execrcising. That was the biggest self motivation for me. I kept continuing and results were unbelievable. Now when i bent i no longer feel my belly hanging out there :-)
- Anand has been under Sheela's guidance for 3 months now and has lost 13Kg.

Bhawana Gupta

I started having health issues. My knee got swlleed  up and my ortho doc told me about one rescue- " loose weight". And i freaked up saying "How can i"?.I mean,  I could not even  pace with my kids while dropping them to school , how can i do an exercise regime. The i thought "Hit the culprit first". And i took the road of Diets to do so.And it helped me loosing enough to hit roads for a morning walk. I continued with diet clinic and did mild walks as per suggested by dietician and things rocked...... Now after 2 months with dietician my kids say "Momy don walk that fast, our knees hurt keeping pace with you"
- Bhawana Gupta has been under Sheela's guidance for 2 months now and has lost 10Kg.

Kuldip Batra

I opted for the diet clinic in fag end of 2009. That was the time i realised that with all excersises and walk was not helping me even a bit. And to my surprise 15 ODD KG within weeks and that too without any scratch diet and exertions. I had never thought that i can loose weight without loosing energy. With diet clinic it was possible and i till date maintaining the great feeling.
- Kuldip Batra has been under Sheela's guidance for 4 months now and has lost 15Kg.

Tithi Ganguli

MY LIFE HAS CHANGED DRAMATICALLY!I couldn't have achieved my goal without Diet Clinic. I don't consider it a diets, I consider it a way of life. I can now say "I eat to live, not live to eat."
I struggled with my weight my whole life. I was teased, picked on and laughed at because I was heavy. I can't begin to describe what that did to my self-esteem. The lower it would go, the more I ate.
One day a friend told me about Diet Clinic. I booked an appointment for a Sheela but had no intention of joining. However, now, ten months later I am 18 Kg lighter! I feel great!
My life has changed dramatically. People are attracted to my new energy. I was always the wallflower amongst my friends. I think, feel and act differently.
I used to always say there was a thin person inside of me and setting her free has been the most rewarding experience in my life.
- Tithi Ganguli has been under Sheela's guidance for 10 months now and has lost 18Kg.

Nidhi Tarika

Since my late teens, I always had a little extra weight. I was never able to lose any of it and the Kgs just kept adding on. When my boyfriend proposed to me last summer, I decided what better time to lose weight than for my wedding! So I went to the Diet Clinic and met Sheela who was so motivational in helping me attain my goal. I have now lost 15Kg in 8 months. As the Kg  were shedding, my self-esteem skyrocketed. I am now shopping in stores I never thought I would step foot into. I feel great and am more confident about myself! I am now wearing tank tops and halter tops, which my eyes still cannot believe. Most importantly, the weight loss has allowed me to buy the wedding dress of my dreams and since we are going to Jamaica on our honeymoon, I have purchased a bikini not feeling insecure about myself for the first time in my life! Last, but not least, I feel healthier and always want to be on the go. Thank you Sheela and Diet Clinic!!
- Nidhi Tarika has been under Sheela's guidance for 8 months now and has lost 15Kg.

Rahul Mahgan

I lost about 6 kgs in 2 months and all credit goes to Diet Clinic and Dietician Sheela for so easy diet plans. Their Dietitians are really helpful and gave me right kind of food everyday to lose weight. I always thought dieting was tough because it makes you hungry, but infact I eat more than what I used to eat but still lost weight. I never used to eat salads before, but my dietitians told the usefulness of it and I started to include that in my food. Even after discontinuing their service I am still following their tips and I think this has helped me not to regain the same weight back. I feel you people at Diet Clinic in guidance of Dietician Sheela will become very successful in the years to come. I must say, Good Job and Thanks for making me lose weight.
- Rahul has been under Sheela's guidance for 9 months now and has lost 18Kg.

Sara Hassan

I feel I am now living a dream. It wasn't always that way. To get here many things had to happen; some in my control and others not. I had to recognize things I can control and those I can't. I got married, seven years ago. I moved from my home and family to a new life and job. 5 1/2 years I found out I was pregnant. We were overjoyed. Unfortunately there were other plans. At twenty weeks I was hospitalized. This wasn't the time to eat, nor diet. Our daughter was born at 28 weeks at 1.5 Kg. We prayed, cried and I ate. My priority was Rebecca. I grabbed food when I had time, the wrong food. My weight climbed. I never saw it happening. I took a good look at myself. I deserved to feel good about myself as a person, professional, wife and mother. 7 1/2 months ago I saw an ad for Diet Clinic. I went in wanting to do something, but skeptical. I decided to do the The Weight loss Program. I met with the most caring counselor. Through her encouragement and guidance I have lost 20 Kg and 7 inches. I no longer look at food as a panacea for dealing with life's problems. I eat in order to survive. What life as in store for me, I will not use food as a crutch. Thank you Diet Clinic for helping me to change my life!
- Sara Hassan has been under Sheela's guidance for 7 months now and has lost 20Kg.

Anjum  Anand

Everytime I looked in the mirror, I would hate the person looking back at me. I was feeling depressed and uncomfortable about my weight, I simply had to take some action.
 After numerous attempts at unsuccessful dieting, some family members had encouraged me to visit the Diet Clinic, one visit was enough to convince me. I knew that this was exactly what I needed, they were the extra push I was looking for to succeed.
 I thought that losing weight would be the hardest hurdle I would ever have to overcome, until I met the staff at the Diet Clinic in Chandigarh. Sheela and the whole team were extremely encouraging and supportive through the whole process. I owe a big part of my success to them. They were able to adapt the menus to fit my lifestyle, which made losing weight that much easier.
I have gained a tremendous amount of confidence as a result of my weight loss. Looking and feeling good has never been this easy. Thanks Diet Clinic
- Anjum  Anand has been under Sheela's guidance for 6 months now and has lost 15Kg.

Mamta Chaudhary

Being overweight most of my adult life has been a struggle. I've tried many diets. I would lose weight, but the real problem was keeping it off.
 I was embarrassed and ashamed at how much weight I had gained. I was angry with myself for reverting back to bad habits and gaining all the extra Kgs. I was lacking self-confidence and was really unhappy. I took a long hard look in the mirror. I was 47 years old and it was time for me to get my weight under control and make the commitment to keep it off permanently, as heart attacks and strokes run in my family.
 I stopped in at my local Diet Clinic on July 17 and weighed in at 98 Kg. I signed up immediately for the 21-Day The Weight Lose Diet. By Christmas, I had lost 10 Kg, and by March, I achieved my goal weight of 18 Kg. Since completing the stabilization and maintenance progarm of this program. Diet Clinic has taught me a new healthier, sensible and happier lifestyle.
I recently attended by nephew's wedding where the compliments were abundant! My husband was so proud and beamed when everyone gushed how great I looked! I am not in a size I have not worn since my 20's.
I might have never have done this without Diet Clinic! Though I have tried other programs, Diet Clinic is the best!
- Mamta Chaudhary has been under Sheela's guidance for 9 months now and has lost 18Kg.

Manju Parmar

After a summer of Pizza Hut buffets and Dairy milk chocolate (yes, in the same day) I found myself weighing over 200 grams (211 to be exact). This was an all time high for me. At first, I thought the scale was wrong, then I saw the horrible truth when I saw a picture of myself from behind. I was a big tub of goo! This picture stays with me everyday as a reminder of what poor eating habits and sedentary lifestyle can lead to. I saw and ad for "get slim quick pills" and asked a friend about them. She in turn asked her mother-in-law, who had joined  a Diet Clinic about the pills. Her mother-in-law said the correct way to lose weight is with a properly balanced diet. A combination of diets factors will enhance the metabolic process and burn fat. She was right. Six months ago I joined Diet Clinic and it was the best thing I ever did. I have lost 15 Kg and I am more confident in my appearance and my over health has improved as well. Before I went to Diet Clinic. I honestly feel I am in the best shape of my life physically as well as emotionally and I have the Diet Clinic to thank for that! Shopping for clothes has never been more fun! Thanks Sheela and thank you Diet Clinic.
- Manju Parmar has been under Sheela's guidance for 6 months now and has lost 15Kg.

Manjeet Singh

i lost over 12 Kg and 5 inches. I have tried many times to lose weight...I tried exercise, dieting, and a combination of the two. With a Diet Clinic weight loss program I consistently lost weight. I have much more energy  and I am in much better shape. I feel great. My wife, my kids and I loves the change in me.
- Manjeet Singh has been under Sheela's guidance for 4 months now and has lost 12Kg.

Anita Singh

 Well to talk about Diet Clinic, its really a one of its kind. I mean I was shocked when I initially heard that all the consultation happens on phone. Because I always thought you should go to a clinic and the counselor will see you and then gives you the right diet for you. So Initially I was really skeptical about how this works for me. But at the same time it was convenient as well. I am a mother of 3 kids, first daughter is in Kindergarten and the second one is a toddler, hence it would have been very difficult for me to drive all the way to a Diet Clinic. I was really struggling to lose those extra weight that I had put on during my second pregnancy. I had never done any dieting before and was very worried initially. But when I saw Sheela and she explain me the diet plan, it was very simple. The first month I lost about 4 kgs and the following month about 2 kgs. A lot of festivals came during the second month and I was really worried about my weight loss, but my Dietitians assured me that even if you eat whatever you want on few days you can still manage to lose weight. I was really happy about the suggestions they gave and the small changes they asked me to make. Of all the things, I think this is the most I like about the service. The options are too many and you never get bored eating their food. I really feel nice when my colleagues and other friends tell me that you have lost weight and you are looking good. I am really grateful for those invaluable suggestions.  Thanks Diet Clinic and Sheela for diet
- Anita Singh has been under Sheela's guidance for 5 months now and has lost 20Kg.

Abhay Jeet

I, 34 year old, professional with a little daughter. He overcame diabetes and lost weight with the help of Diet Clinic, in guidance of dietician Sheela Seharawat.
“In Feb, I was detected with high blood sugar, measuring at 340 mg. The doctor recommended pills for diabetes & a change in diet & exercise. But I wanted to control my diabetes without pills.”
With Diet Clinic help, I identified problem areas in my diet. I added a whole list of simple, healthy and delicious foods, In 3 months, I lost 10 kgs of weight, and my blood sugar level measured at 140 mg
“Behind every successful man there is a woman. In my case, there are 2- my wife Bhavini and my Dietician Sheela. My wife took care of all my requirements, and Dietician Sheela gave me strength and requied motivation. I couldn’t do it without them.”
“So to all of you who think diabetes cannot be controlled it is a myth. Correct you lifestyle and look young and live energetic. I look 10 years younger. Go get that young look for yourself. “ Thanks Diet Clinic
- Abhay Jeet has been under Sheela's guidance for 9 months now and has lost 32Kg.


“During my first pregnancy however, I was treated royally, being given the foods that I wanted to have and at the best times that i wanted to have. As a result after my delivery, I had an excess weight of 9-10 kgs. Being slim all my life , I wanted to get back to my orignal shape. A full year had passed and my continued efforts could not produce any satisfactory result.
With  Diet Clinic Weight Loss plan, I found the best solution for my weight loss. With their personalied routine, i could manage to get back in perfect shape within 3 months. The loss was not only in kg but also in inches.
The best part, I feel about Diet CLinic is their follow-up on thier members. Their recommended routine changes with time and results. I therefore recommend Diet Clinic to all, as my experience has been quite fruitful.” As I lots significant weight and inches to regain her pre pregnancy shape.
- Suman has been under Sheela's guidance for 9 months now and has lost 32Kg.

Abhinav Bansal
I really want to thank you for all your help. I have lost over 16Kgs so far, over a seven month period. I have also lost over 7 inches from my waist. I cannot begin to tell you how wonderful I feel since these changes. I've tried many other diets but none has even come close to the success I've had over the past seven months from following your recommendations and from what I've learned using the Personal Diet. I would love to thank you in person but realize how many others you have had that have expressed similar request after they have succeeded on your diets. I really feel like I'm on my way now and just thought others should know how wonderful you and your program are." "I have gotten truly expert advice from the Personal Dietician staff (esp. Sheela) as well as quick responses to all my questions. I had no idea just how much difference a diet professional could make and have been truly satisfied with the whole program- from the cost and value of the program, to the support, and my outcome I couldn't have asked for more than I've received for my money. While I no longer need to continue my membership program I know I can always rely on my Personal Diet, and I'll assure you the membership program (including Sheela's diet) are what's called for. I really owe you and all the Personal Dietitian Staff my sincerest thanks.  Thanks so much
- Abhinav Bansal has been under Diet Clinic’s guidance for 7 months now and has lost 16Kg.

Abhishek Prasad

I've been trying to lose the same 32 Kg for the last ten years. I know quite a bit about nutrition and knew what I needed to do, but life kept getting in the way of my efforts. I ate pretty well, but didn't have much control over my portions because I eat out a lot. What Diet Clinic Plan did for me was give me the focus and structure I lacked to make it happen. I didn't realize it would be so easy once I got started! I'm already half way to my goal and it's been very motivating. It gave me control over portions and I didn't even have to change my habits all that much. I really like the flexibility, I knew I needed a plan where I could make my own choices and not have to go crazy trying to stick to one of those regimented meal plans. Thanks for giving me a plan I could stick with!
- Abhishek Prasad has been under Diet Clinic's guidance for 13  months now and has lost 32Kg.

Tripti Shukla
The diet plan is working extremely well for me. As a new mom, I really wanted to loose those extra pounds, but safely since I am breastfeeding. I started on Jan. 1 and have lost 12 Kg (written 5 months after she started) , and can now fit into most of my clothes again! My son is now 13 months old and keeping me very busy. The thing that helped me most is what to eat and the portions. I now make sure I get enough fruits and veggies a day, which I think has helped me loose the weight. I really appreciate the plan Diet Clinic made. I plan on sticking to it....I guess once I reach my desired goal I can maintain by increasing the bread, fat area, correct? 
- Tripti Shukla has been under Diet Clinic's guidance for 5 months now and has lost 12Kg.

Deepak Srivastava
I started your program on March 2 2010, and lost 26 Kg the first week, which was a very big surprise. I am on my second week and very encouraged. I realize I will not continue to lose at this rate, I find the diet contains enough food that I can stick with it.
- Deepak Srivastava has been under Diet Clinic's guidance for 11 months now and has lost 26Kg.

Neha Jain

I have been very pleased with Diet Clinic. I lost 9 Kg within the first couple of months and have had no trouble keeping it off. This is the first diet that I have ever tried that actually works and that allows me to be in complete control of my weight. I like the flexible and personalized nature of the diet plans and the fact that the diet provides me with the knowledge to understand what types of food I should eat and why. In the end, it has turned out not to be just about losing weight, but about being healthy and feeling good.  Thank you.
- Neha Jainhas been under Diet Clinic's guidance for 4 months now and has lost 9Kg.

Amit Kumar Pandey

Hi! I've been using Diet Clinic weight loss plan for about 7 months now and have lost about 13 Kg I'm so excited! It's a good, healthy plan for me and I feel I can keep working it. Thanks for your help and a great plan! 
- Amit Kumar Pandeyhas been under Diet Clinic's guidance for 7 months now and has lost 13Kg.

Ankur Agarwal
Thanks you thank you so much! I never thought a diet plan would have such an impact. I have lost 2 inches around my waistline, my pants (once very tight- to the point that they hurt my back) now fit loose and fit very comfortably around my waist. Thanks to your diet and program I look and feel great. I haven't been this healthy and light since I was in my 20's - really. After we had our child I just stopped exercising, started snacking and eating more and somehow my weight just got away from me. The diets and meal plan have been very flexible and the meal plan has been so convenient enough that I have been able to tailor it into something I truly could live with - as you say. The diet really made the difference for me and I really appreciated the weekly support and emails you've sent. To be honest I was worried about your program at first. I had previously paid to the nose at as well as joining some other free online diets. Having joined these other programs I almost didn't join yours but because I saw that my diet would be designed by an individual I thought I'd give it myself one last chance. I'm sure glad I did!
I only have 3 Kg to go now to obtain my goal. This has been so much easier than any diet I've ever done. It's always difficult to diet but thanks to your personal considerations and assistance it has made all the difference for me.
Thank you for all your help. I look forward to getting my maintenance diet and getting my increased calorie level- just kidding!
- Ankur Agarwal has been under Diet Clinic's guidance for 9 months now and has lost 32Kg.

Sunitha Kare

Thanks again. I really appreciate the time and effort put into my weight loss plan. Wow! Such great help, and you answer so quickly. I had another plan that was so rote it didn't take into account a lot of things that I considered important. And I didn't have options like on this one, which I need because when I eat out it is usually on the spur of the moment. Being Realtors, my husband and I never know whether we will be home in time to cook. I had a problem with almost every meal on the other plan. I have started an exercise program encouraged by my doctor ( I will be walking or swimming for 45 minutes at least 5 days a week). I'm now on my way and feeling enthusiastic. Thanks again.  Sincerely,
- Sunitha Kare has been under Sheela's guidance for 6 months now and has lost 16Kg.

Divya Nigam
“There’s abundant information on the web, in books, on how to lose weight and become fit but what’s missing is the advantage of having someone customise a plan that works for you. It’s important to know which exercise will impact which part of your body and how. Similarly, it’s equally important to know which foods to eat, which to avoid and the reasons behind doing so. For example, everyone knows alcohol makes you gain weight, of course! But not everyone tells you what happens when you consume alcohol, how it gets stored or how much quantity is ‘okay’.
At Diet CLinic, getting the right information is easy and the combination of diet are extremely effective! I had lost some weight myself, but I needed to tone up without going on a crash diet. Diet Clinic worked out a diet plan that was suited to my timings, needs and food habits. It was fun and the result – I am fitter than I have ever been!”  I joined Diet Clinic, 4 weeks before my wedding. Combination of diet plan was so effective, i got my wedding dress resized twice! It was a healthy diet that was easy to follow in my busy schedule, and i loved it.
- Divya Nigam has been under Sheela's guidance for 1 months now and has lost 4Kg.

Rajeev Goel

I can only speak from my experience, I was a healthy morbidly obese person, but for how long? I used to hate pictures of myself, I was really mad when i looked myself in the mirror. I´ve been alone for years, no girlfriend and not going out because i was ashamed of myself. If you identify with these things, well, you need to change. The best feeling in the world is when people see you on the street and make this big amazing surprised face because you are looking younger, great and healthier. Another great feeling is to fit in normal size modern clothes. Thanks Diet Clinic for making me a changed man.
- Rajeev Goel has been under Diet Clinic's guidance for 10 months now and has lost 42Kg.


I wanted to thank you program so much. I have lost 15 Kg. I have to tell you when I first started I skeptical for several reasons. First I, like everyone else had tried every single imaginable diet and NONE worked. I am sure you have heard this story so many times. Plus I could tell every time I went off of one of the FAD diets my body paid for it. I felt tired and unhealthy. When I first tried your program I thought a Kg a week, please, this is so slow because the FAD diets always promise (and sometimes deliver) fast weight loss. But of course you put it right back on. I started your program and I did well for a 2 weeks, then I went back to my old habits for 2 weeks. Finally, starting to see the weight coming on again, I went right back on it. And, I have been on it for about 12 weeks now. I used the chart religiously I crossed out something every time I ate. I carried it in my purse so I wouldn't forget. And, it started working. I feel so good. I still have about 10 Kg to go, but I know I can do it, just as long as I stick to the program. I think the key for me was snacking. I had a yogurt every afternoon just before my hunger urge kicked in. My weakness was dinner time, when I got home from work. So by eating something before this curtailed the hunger. I also had a piece of low fat string cheese and nuts to offset any hunger. I loved you program. Please feel free to put my compliments on your web page. Thank you
- Narayanan has been under Sheela's guidance for 9 months now and has lost 20Kg.

V.Vinod Kumar

Hi! Things are going well with the eating plan. I like it because it's very flexible and teaches me how to know what I am eating as well as how much I am eating. In a way, I feel like it gives me a lot of "freedom" to choose. Thank you! 
- V.Vinod Kumar has been under Sheela's guidance for 2 months now and has lost 7Kg.

Nikita Gaur

My story begins in 2007 after the birth of my second child. Like all mothers I fell into the everyday routine of taking care of everyone except me. I kept putting on weight, felt depressed, and didn’t know what to do. In 2010, a friend asked me if I wanted to enter a Office weight loss competition with her. Even though I didn’t want to I knew I needed to. I began searching for help on net I got to come to your website. I follow your diets plan and start eating wisely, exercising, and losing weight. After the competition was over I still had a lot of weight to lose. I wanted to change, feel alive again, be a happy person, and be there for my kids and husband. You can have all the support in the world but it's all up to you to make good choices in life. Diet Clinic keep me stay focused and MOTIVATED to continue to lose weight. Very few people know my story or how Diet Clinic helped me conquer the weight loss battle. It reminds me to be PROUD and to stay on the healthy road of happiness.
- Nikita Gaur has been under Diet Clinic’s guidance for 6 months now and has lost 17Kg.

Ravi Sakhuja

"All through elementary school i was the biggest slowest kid around. And i didn't know it, i went to he gym on occasion and thought i was all buff and good looking. But then one day when i went for a checkup i overheard my doctor telling my mom that i was going to have huge health issues in my near future if i didn't lose some weight. At that moment i realized that i had to do something fast or else i would not be around past my 20th birthday. So i started Diets at Diet Clinic. First it was slow and i was very frustrated but then after a while it started to speed up and i began to lose 2-3 Kg per month and when that started happening i got such a morale boost and i knew that i could do it. Then after i lost my first 30 Kgs i began to receive allot of compliments, not just from my family but from my friends at school and even people that hated me at school. Everyone began to see the difference and that helped my to push through it even easier. I stuck with the Diet plans of Diet Clinic.
I must say to anyone who is trying to lose weight that it is not impossible and that you can do it with litil bit of willpower and determination and Diet Clinic help. Diet Clinic is the biggest factor in my life in losing unwanted weight.
Thanks so very much for your help! And i would be very grateful if you allowed people to see my success.
- Ravi Sakhuja has been under Diet Clinic's guidance for 9 months now and has lost 28Kg.

Anuja Agarwala
I am soooo glad I found you! I never knew planning and eating the many choices of meals could be fun. Last may weekend I was at 98Kgs. After starting your plan, I am now at 72Kgs within 7 months. I know I shouldn’t get too excited yet, because the day of the Plateau will come and lower or dampen my spirits. But until that time, I will enjoy losing. Until now, eating was very boring for me. I was eating all the wrong foods to rid myself of boredom and that was part of my problem for gaining weight.
Thanks Much!
- Anuja Agarwala has been under Sheela's guidance for 7 months now and has lost 26Kg.

Priti Kaur
Thank you so much for your Help, It may seem like a small, "it's my job" kinda thing but when I know that I signed on to a weight loss program that said it had a real dietician to help with support I thought " o.k. don't expect too much. You exceeded my small expectations. I really liked that you emphasized how bodies change with age (you had to take the time to research me). Thank you for taking the time to do that for me.  Sincerely.
- Priti Kaur has been under Sheela's guidance for 5 months now and has lost 12Kg.

Pooja Sinha
I never struggled with my weight until my mid-20s, when I put on 15 Kgs thanks to the pressures of graduate school. I went on a diet and kept the weight off until my mid-30s. I had a new job and a new baby, and was feeling insecure about balancing my life as a professor and mother. I turned to the solace of food. Before I knew it, I was nearly 40, and all the moms in my daughter's kindergarten class looked svelte and fabulous--except me.
But reality didn't hit me until the night of a friend's wedding. My mom had just returned from India with a suitcase full of flowing silk gowns--perfect to disguise my robust figure, or so I thought. Surprise: One after another, the delicate dresses ripped at the seams as I forced them over my waist and hips. I couldn't even stuff myself into a sari! Shocked and saddened, I stood in my closet and cried. Later, I ate like it was my last meal. It would be the final time I let myself indulge in an out-of-control binge. But after folling your diets for nearly 5 months I can find a new change and fells like I am in my 30s and do ware what all I like thank to your weight loss program
- Pooja Sinha has been under Sheela's guidance for 5 months now and has lost 14Kg.

Rakesh Dullu
on January 1st of 2010 I woke up and I looked myself in the mirror. I was not happy of what I was seeing and I thought "why do I look like this if I have enough time to work out or to do Diets?" - I realized that I needed strong motivation to start. I searched net and got your details, a full description of your weight loss program, Now after 9 months I lost 9 inches on my legs, 4 inches on my waist, I lost my love handles. Look at the space between my waist and arms. I move from size 40 to size 36. Yep, that was me at left with few more kgs and right I will be with my new body. 
- Rakesh Dullu has been under Sheela's guidance for 9 months now and has lost 36Kg.

Sumit Gemawat
I am 60 years old. I was a player of the basketball team of Collage from 1970 to 1975. At that time I was 52Kgs skinny light weight athletic figure and my strong muscles which power my legs to vertically jump 3.5 ft for dunking. But later on, got married, got children, lots of friends, great parties, enjoyed good life with food and beers and my body went ashtray. In other words, my wife was pregnant and I don't understand why I got the larger belly. That was very sad! Time went by and I came to States for  work. Got involved with music and Saturday Night together with a heavy 1 gallon ice cream every weekend. I grow up round shaped to 92Kgs.thats was the alert to me I joined Diet Clinic on emails and Diet clinic weight loss diet look interesting to me? I Reduced 4 inches to my waist and loss 20.4 Kgs in just 5 months. And without exercises! Now my pants are not adjusted to my new waist. They come down alone. Obviously, this is a gain and a loss. Now my problem is...Have to purchase new belts and pants!
- Sumit Gemawat has been under Sheela's guidance for 5 months now and has lost 20Kg.

Janhavi Modi

Jule is very close fiend and she loss 30 Kgs in 12 months. She describes about how Diet Clinic increased her confidence and how she got it! Losing 30 pounds in 12 months with out ant thing extra, That motivated me to Join Diet Clinic and Dietician Sheela weight loss program, I joined and I losed 25 kg in 8 months and the maintenance diet program give me freedom to keep this life long. At the end, I lost a total of 25 Kgs. Something I've never been able to achieve with other diets. It has been a great satisfaction to change my figure for life. Now I am providing precise information by "word -of-mouth" and advise to everyone I know to contact Diet Clinic, as who knew how I was before and can see the change in me. So, when I see a fat body walking around, I just tell him "I was exactly like you 8 month ago but I found a solution."
- Janhavi Modi has been under Sheela's guidance for 8 months now and has lost 25Kg.

Priyanka Chhabra
50 years old. Since my child hood I have been a skinny woman. Throughout the years started to gain extra weight. Especially after I enter 50 years of age where I increased 15 Kgs above my normal 65 Kgs. This mean, that after weighing 15Kg, and it was growing up to 20Kg. An extra 20 Kgs. I have been trying to release weight with diets like the cabbage diet and even eating less. Nevertheless, the maximum I had dropped is 5 kgs. But, after a certain time I get them back again. This kept me frustrated all the time. Most of the fat is accumulated within my legs, belly and the back. I started the diet clinic weight loss diet for women on Thursday June 4, 2009. I have found my belly going down. What a satisfaction! My waist has been reduced by 2 inches. Clothes are hanging by now. Interestingly, work's friend have seen it and commenting about me getting skinnier without even mentioning I am on a diet. What really makes me happy is, my waist is turning into a new form and contours are showing better. Indeed, there is more waist definition! So far, after the 5th month my diet journey. I have lost 20 kgs already. Within such a short period of time I wouldn't have done like this with the other diets I tried before.
- Priyanka Chhabra has been under Sheela's guidance for 5 months now and has lost 20Kg.

Sandeep Jain

I can say that I have finished 5 month on Diet Clinic diets and I am down 20 Kg That is a start for me and I would like to have another journey. When I started I was ruffly 110 Kg. on the day…. Still enjoing the diets and hope to get my target soon
- Sandeep Jain has been under Sheela's guidance for 5 months now and has lost 20Kg and still going…..

Piyush Jaidev
As I looked in the mirror I felt a bit better. It looked great on me. And just for reassurance, as I walked up the stairs, my slip fell down around my ankles. My pants that were tight a month ago were falling down and sagging in my legs and behind. That is very satisfying. I have tried on a few pairs of pants that I was not able to fit but always meant to get into. They went on just fine, and I feel excited about losing 10 kgs!
- Piyush Jaidevhas been under Sheela's guidance for 2 months now and has lost 10Kg.

Varun Singh
i was alwas obese as far as i can remember. i was lazy and ate crap all the time. at end of may of 2010 i decided i had to change, my waist line was 44" i weighed 125kg. i couldnt do a pullup, pushup and couldn't ever run 50 metres.i couldnt move far for long alwas tired and really lazy.
at the end of may i bought an excersixe stationary bike. and started doing cardio. The first time i nearly died i thought my heart was goin to explode and I stoped. it would have been not a easy to stop but i had to change one of my friend told me about Diet Clinic, I Joined and i kept going and over the next few months saw a massive inprovment in my fitness i could keep cycling for a while.
7 months later i have lost waist line in 38". i can run and cycle i can do 20 good form pushups and 7 pullups. and im not embarresed to do things now. i feel brilliant, look alot better and alot healthier.
i owe alot of my sucess to Dietician Sheela and Diet Clinic. the Diets are easy to follow and suit everyone, everythng is explained thoroughly. the forum is very informative and everyone is helpful. i now follow the intermediate dieting program.
 i have made a change for life no i have goals ambitions. and its all down to getting off your ass and doing the work. the more you put it the more you get out.
 i have no piks with my top off. but this is me last new year 2011. you get the idea
 “i hope this is enough information "
- Varun Singh has been under Sheela's guidance for 11 months now and has lost 45Kg and still goin

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