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When you attend or take our program for the first time you will be asked to register with us and provide enough information for us to ensure you receive the best possible care. You will then see one of our dieticians, who will discuss privately with you your eating habits and lifestyle, then if appropriate, decide how much weight you should aim to lose.

The dietician will ask you a series of questions about your medical history, weight  and take your weight, blood pressure, to see if you are medically fit and able to follow one of our programs

Depending on your weight at the start of your programe, you should expect to lose between 3-4 Kg or more, in the first month, then 2-3 Kg or more  month thereafter depending on how well you manage to keep to the new eating plan! The number of visits you make to us depends on how much weight you need to lose and how successful you are at your diet.

Vegetables Vegetables contains lots vitamins, minerals and fibers that are very important for a good and healthy development of the body. Vegetables also help in making immune system strong. Therefore, make sure you are feeding 1 cup of vegetables per day to your toddlers. You can give them either cooked or uncooked veggies or can make tasty milkshakes.

Fresh and delicious fruits Fruits are Juicy and tasty as well. You can provide your toddlers adequate amount of vitamins and fibers simply by serving them 1 cup of pure fruits juice without any addition such a milk or water. fruits are helpful in healthy digestion as well as regulated bowl movements that is very important in this age of growth. "Weight Loss Program Gurgaon"

Grains Grains are high in fiber and also contains proteins and amino acids that are necessary to build proteins in the body. proteins are very necessary for development of muscles and tissues. Therefore, you should provide at least three serving daily to your toddlers. This could be a slice of bread, one cup of cereal oatmeal or a peanut butter sandwich, one cup of pasta or rice and other whole grain foods as per taste and choice of your toddler.

Milk and dairy products It is recommended to provide at last 2 cups of milk daily to toddlers to build their bones healthier and stronger. Therefore, you should also provide at least 2 cups of milk to your toddler and other dairy products such as cheese, yogurt etc. that contains vitamin D, calcium and potassium as well as other essential fatty acids. "Weight Loss Gurgaon"

Restrictions on Treatment

Given our aim to put you, the patient, at the heart of everything we do, there may be some occasions when we are unable to offer treatment. If you are currently being treated for another condition by your dieticians, we may not be able to treat you without that dietician’s permission. We cannot treat you if your are pregnant or planning to become pregnant. In such situations we may be able to help you with through more general advice and support. This list is not exhaustive and treatment will always be at our dieticians’ discretion.  Our patients do not take any medication for weight los, but are able to lose weight through a combination of our unique eating plan and regular advice and support from our dieticians.


Our dieticians are always available  to treat patients without the patient physically attending one of our clinics in Visant Vihar, Panjabibagh, Gurgaon, Chandigarh and Panchkula. Our Patients/ clients can take there weight loss diets / program on phone and Emails too. We have a global pregence through Phone and emails. 

Seeking professional help with weight loss, looking for dietician in Delhi NCR and Chandigarh, Therapeutic diets in Delhi, gurgaon, Chandigarh ? We can work with you to help make the lifestyle changes, regain a healthy comfortable weight. Our Best support available throughout your treatment program at our clinics or on phone and Emails.

6 Easy tips healthy with holiday eats Here are 6 tips for a happier and healthier holiday season. Drinking plenty of good, clean water is the foundation of healthy skin. The problem is that by the end of the holidays we will feeling unhealthy, and nearly sick to our stomachs.

Exercise The People always say working out makes me hungry that a good thing exercise. if you have over consider finding an at home work out program . Your body needs fuel to become and stay healthy. Remember to also add 28 more one more quart for every hour of exercise per day. There are several diet programs that are very easy to follow and there are also exercise routines . you can perform even when you are at home. Its hard to get the gym but we always feel better when we leave.

It is easy to forget that water can even be an option. you can still make an effort to have some water in the day. you can get very dry in the winter and cause a lot of imbalances in the skin. Drinking of good clean water is the foundation of healthy skin. you may not be hitting your daily target of approximately 12 cups of water per day, you will ensure that you are at least getting some healthy foods into your system. we may not be able to find some healthy options to munch on so why not start your day with a healthy.

. By the end of a few weeks they will be eating all healthy snacks. You want to make sure you are going to a place that offers even a few healthier choices. You are getting some healthy fruits and vegetables into your diet. If you are involved in the cooking process during the holidays . you had a much overall lower sugar content then the basic potatoes ,Half a cup of pasta, rice or potatoes is about the size of a baseball. Healthy snacks include crackers, fruits, vegetables, small portions of nuts and seeds dairy products.

The action of focusing on your breath will help keep you grounded during this potentially stressful season. You will bring your anxiety level down to a more manageable level. You will find that your seconds of peace will increase into minutes and the process . Have a concrete goal so that you will have something that will drive you to reach.

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