Let your Diet Work for you" "Dietician Sheela Sehrawat"

Weight Loss Diets

Nowadays there are plenty of quick fix solutions available in the form of pills, diets, and equipment that claim to show you how to losse weight fast...

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Therapeutic Diets

Diet is not all about loosing or gaining weight, its therapeutic benefits are often taken lightly by most of us. Planning of a therapeutic...

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Why Us

DIET CLINIC has professionally qualified dietitians who consult on an individual basis. These accredited dietitians can help you with a...

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How We Do It

When you attend or take our program for the first time you will be asked to register with us and provide enough information for us to ensure you ...

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Weight Loss FAQ'S

The idea of attending a private medical diet clinic or taking a weight loss program to help with losing weight may not be familiar to you. To help you decide whether you might benefit from our services, here are some of the questions we are most frequently asked by prospective patients:

1. Will I always see a dietician ?

Yes, we have a dietician present during all the sessions that the clinic is open, except for very rare occasions due to sickness or holiday. Now days we offer our services on phone and emails too.

2. How long will my consultation take ?

Your first session will require around half an hour, as you need to complete a detailed registration form .....

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While choosing a
Weight loss program

You have decided that you want to seek professional help with weight loss.
You like the idea of seeing a dietician or taking a weigh loss program but you have never used a or a taken a program like this before so you feel a little nervous.
How do you go about choosing the best program/clinic available to you? Here are 3 questions you can ask which will point you...

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